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City College Students and Faculty Gather to Demand Answers From Administrators on Recent Round of Cuts

By Tyler Lyn Sorrow



More than 50 City College students, faculty, and staff protested the administration’s cutting of classes and layoffs at a rally, organized by the faculty union AFT 2121, in front of Conlan Hall on Aug. 22. 


Frustrated by what many felt was a lack of transparency by the administration, tension was  compounded by recent registration pile-ups for classes like English 1A where a reported 300 students have been waitlisted. One speaker said that over 200 students were being crammed into one ESL class when the average was about 20 to 45.

Students and staff gather in front of Conlan Hall at City College’s Ocean Campus on August 22, 2022 to hold a rally against the recent budget cuts. Photo by Tyler Lyn Sorrow/The Guardsman

The energy was positive overall, but many students spoke about the difficulty of finishing their education plan with several students commenting that the class they had enrolled in had been cut at the last minute. 


Trent Jones, who was pursuing the motorcycle technician certificate in the automotive technology department, spoke candidly about how class cuts have affected him and others pursuing trade certificates.


“I want to be here just to make people aware that the last class needed to get your motorcycle certificate was cut the day before you’re supposed to begin. One of the excuses was not enough students,” he says, “But that was not true apparently.


“And then the entry level course with more than enough students was also cut,” he continues, adding, “So as an adult learner, you know, I know that’s a big part of this community here and this school and enriching your life and your education, which is something I’m doing and it’s just a sad thing.” 

Trenton Jones, a student in City Colleges Motorcycle Technician Certificate Program speaks in front of a crowd in front of Conlan Hall at City College’s Ocean Campus on August 22, 2022. A Rally was held in front of Conlon Hall to speak against the recent budget cuts that are affecting class sizes and even registration for students. Photo by Tyler Lyn Sorrow/The Guardsman


Of the faculty present, several were delegates of AFT 2121, including Mary Bravewoman, its current President, and Anita Martinez, a former president. Martinez, a former ESL teacher at City College is running for the Board of Trustees in the November election.

Anita Martinez, former AFT2121 president and current candidate for board of trustees, speaks infront of a rally at Conlan Hall at City College’s Ocean Campus on August 22, 2022. The rally is to voice concerns about recent budget cuts that has affected classes at City College. (Photo by Tyler Lyn Sorrow/ The Guardsman.)

”I absolutely hate what this college, what this administration and this board has done,” Martinez says, “to decimate that program in the lives of all of our community and our immigrant community, and also the people who are coming here as international students.”


“It’s critical not just because some of the students will come here to City College for credit classes,” Martinez says. “People rely on just the day-to-day living, people who are parents who need to be able to communicate with teachers who need to know how to get along in the world, people who need it to work.”


Other topics brought up included tenured faculty that had been laid off, reportedly 38. English Professor Steven Mayers was primarily concerned about the welfare of his students and said the college was driving potential future students away.


In response to a question about how faculty and staff were faring after the cuts, Mayers says, “We fear this is the death of tenure.” 

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