Campus Renovation and Construction Plans Seek to Modernize City College

By Matheus Maynard

City College’s Facilities Department has been working at full speed to modernize current structures and prepare grounds for the new upcoming buildings in the Facilities Master Plan (FMP).

During the winter break, several infrastructure issues at City College were addressed. The facilities department is renovating current structures, demolishing spaces and constructing new buildings to “build a 21st century community college that meets the needs of students today and into the future” as it states in the FMP overview available on the City College website.

Since November, James Sohn is the acting Senior Vice Chancellor of Facilities after the unexpected resignation of previous administrator Dr. Reuben Smith. 


Facilities Master Plan

The FMP seeks to identify the infrastructure needs of all City College campuses and provides a roadmap for the facilities department to act upon. The first version, approved in 2004, addressed the development plans for that decade, and a new version approved in 2019 brings necessary updates to meet the sustainable standards according to state and municipal law. 

The FMP has a five-year construction plan that will be mostly funded by Proposition A if approved by San Francisco voters in March. The proposition would allow the district to sell $845 million in bonds to fund these much-needed renovations.

The plan also follows a thorough analysis of energy efficiency for each building and provides solutions to improve energy efficiency throughout City College. The FMP also values sustainability and aims to create a sustainable infrastructure acknowledging the needs of sustainable standards for future generations.


The Cafeteria Area in Smith Hall, Ocean Campus displays the newly installed TV screens and the new set of chairs, sofas, and tables. Some of them have power outlets. Photo by Matheus Maynard/The Guardsman


Around Campus

Students who walk around Ocean Campus and other campuses will already see some of these renovations finalized or ongoing. 

The cafeteria in Smith Hall has been under renovation for quite some time. It is a core space at City College where students have their meals, study, relax and meet with classmates. In recent months, newer and more comfortable chairs and tables with power outlets were installed. More recently, several TV screens were installed side-by-side.

The Guardsman tried unsuccessfully to reach out to Sohn in order to acquire specific information regarding those renovation plans. Deeptika Patel is the Director of Sustainability for Kitchell, City College’s hired contractor. She said that all these projects are designed to ensure the highest quality service to students, faculty, and staff.

Some of the completed or ongoing projects that students are going to see this year are:

  • Comprehensive bathroom renovation;
  • Evans Center demolition and site preparation for Sprung Structure;
  • Campus-wide light pole refurbishment;
  • Conlan bungalows/Portables;
  • Bike lane(s);
  • Recycling Center at Conlan Hall;
  • Diesel fuel underground storage tank removal (Cloud Hall);
  • Uncovering section of damaged steam pipe for DWP repair work (Cloud Hall);
  • Repair and startup of heating in Arts Buildings;
  • Ocean Campus sidewalk repairs;
  • MUB emergency backup generator replacement;
  • Rehydrations stations;  

What the Future Holds

The bond measure (Prop A) will allow many more projects predicted by the FMP during the five-year construction plan. Some of these projects include:

  • Performing Arts Educational Center;
  • Student Success Building;
  • STEAM Complex;
  • Central Utility Plant (utility infrastructure replacement);
  • Childcare Center Replacement;
  • Cloud Hall Modernization;
  • Batmale Hall Renovation;
  • Science Hall Modernization;
  • Student Union Reprogram;
  • Modernization – Bookstore Annex Renovation;
  • Campus Police Complex Renovation;
  • Environmental Horticulture Lath Houses Renovation;

Information about the FMP and the ongoing construction and renovation projects can be found at the City College website. Proposition A will be on the March 3 ballot and will require a 55% majority to pass.

The Guardsman