City College Eases COVID-19 Restrictions, Lifts Mask Mandate, Effective Feb. 6, and Proof of Vaccination Requirement

"Gustatory Policies" Illustration by JohnTaylor Wildfeuer

By Ann Marie Galvan


During the board meeting on Jan. 26, the City College Board of Trustees approved the removal of the mask mandate, effective Monday, Feb. 6. They also approved the removal of the proof of vaccination mandate for the upcoming summer 2023 registration cycle.


“Gustatory Policies” Illustration by JohnTaylor Wildfeuer

While the board approved the removal of the mask mandate starting in February, masks will still be “strongly recommended,” with the Student Health Center the only exception, said Chancellor David Martin during the meeting, because it is a health facility. He added that staff “uncomfortable” with the change in policy can request accommodations. 


In fall 2021, the board passed a resolution requiring that proof of COVID-19 vaccinations be provided prior to enrollment, and students who want to enroll for in-person classes must either provide proof of vaccination or an allowable exemption. This policy is still in place for spring 2023.


“The recommendation to suspend the vaccine mandate for the summer 2023 registration cycle was approved by the Health and Safety Committee and the PGC [Participatory Governance Council],” said Martin. “As well as the removal of the mask mandate and transitioning to mask being strongly preferred.”


Mario Vazquez, police chief and chair of City College’s Health and Safety Committee, said that by November 2022 the committee had “unanimously recommended” moving forward with the repeal of the mask and vaccination mandates.


The California Department of Public Health strongly recommends masking indoors, but it is not required.