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Union Wins Class Size Concession

By: Annette Mullaney



Faculty union AFT2121 negotiations with the City College administration resulted in classes size minimums remaining at 15 for Fall ‘21.

The administration, in light of the college’s ongoing fiscal issues, had proposed raising the class minimum to 20. An AFT2121 email announcing the results called the rollback a “major win” on an issue that is “one of the most difficult to negotiate.”

As a result, credit classes have two weeks to build to an enrollment of 15, while non-credit classes have four.

The negotiations also resolved an ongoing issue around whether faculty residing out of state could have their assignments changed. It was determined that there is no policy requiring instructors to reside in-state and that their assignments should not be changed. As the college continues to provide remote classes, faculty and students are not necessarily in the Bay Area. 

Medical benefits for part-time faculty with reduced loads, which had been established during negotiations last year, will not continue into Fall ‘21, with the college administration citing a lack of funds.

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