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What the “Damn Shot” Taught Me

By Erin Blackwell



If we want to get back on campus and enjoy the presence of new friends and old, many college students across this great state and country are being told to roll up our sleeves. Many already had. Some of us even got a QR code on our cell phone, thanks to the state’s database and a flouting of patients’ rights. City College of San Francisco has not yet imposed this prerequisite to resuming warm-bodied learning, if and when they reopen our school. Is it fair? Is it legal? Is it good for your health? I don’t have the answers. I can only say I have never seen such eager compliance to restrictions on personal freedom. Oh, yes, I have! At the movies.

Think back. Spring Break 2020, the annual fertility ritual erupting on beaches on both coasts, was suddenly being denounced — not as a shameless rut, but as a health threat. Why not let the virus run its course through a healthy population, since viruses adapt to become more infectious and less lethal? Besides, who wants to deprive a generation of their hormone-induced rite of passage involving alcohol and sunshine? I could not understand it, any more than I can understand why City College allows a weeklong hiatus to morph into a permanent closure of our campuses.

On March 13, 2020, the last day CCSF was a freely accessible public institution of higher learning, my Diego Rivera mural talk to Art History 105 was cancelled. I went instead to its sister establishment, the Legion of Honor, to revisit an eerie mini-museum-within-a-museum built like a stage set. Its mirrored façade, displaying nonidentical duplicates of prints, paintings, and sculpture, was backed by a rough wood wall, creating a circular backstage path. Alone with the dissimilar doubles, I took uncanny glee in circumnavigating this simulacrum of a parallel universe, little knowing this was a foretaste of the real-time simulation to come.

Soon I was struggling to adapt to the New Abnormal twins Zoom and Canvas. I missed my peeps. I could not shake the impression that those Sci-Fi Horror flicks I was raised on, that we later laughed at, were prophetic. The terror and panic of The Blob (1958), the unsettling calm of The Stepford Wives (1975). I started researching online, taking notes. Each question sprouted 100 more. There was densely compacted vocabulary to unpack, and scientific papers. I began to see the backstage story not being told in the media glare. I learned to ignore the scary fever charts of new infections and the incessant calls to panic. 

As weeks turned into months and the maskings of Fall 2020 became the vaxxings of Spring 2021, my film of reference became Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the original 1956 black-and-white cult fave shot on location in Marin. Like lead actor Kevin McCarthy, I was witnessing the town and people I knew turn into doppelgängers whose familiarity was mere façade. 


Helpful Talking Heads

Now I too am a doppelgänger, having been hollowed out by the restrictions, confusions, and suspicions whipped up into a psycho-toxic mousse by corporate media. We’re all under a spell, in the throes of a mass psychosis, no longer relying on our common sense or social reflexes. Check out German psychologist Franz Ruppert’s online dissection of the emotional trauma from fear, isolation, and stress. Mark Crispin Miller, professor of Media Studies at NYU, calls it simply “a masterpiece of propaganda.” 

Why else would we submit to having our immune systems reconfigured at the whim of the technocracy? 

The healthy, the asymptomatic, the uninfected, the survivors, the naturally immunized — and those never at risk — are being urged, incentivized, and shamed into taking a needle full of experimental gene therapy without the safety net of manufacturers’ liability. Vaccine companies have long sought to immunize themselves against lawsuits after the big payouts in the 1970s and 80s. This unprecedented implementation of untested injections could only proceed without legal protection for the human guinea pigs.

By writing these words I lay myself open to some version of the abuse suffered by all conscientious objectors to the global rollout of mask’n’vax. Microbiologist Dr. Judy Mikovits, child welfare activist and environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and alternative medicine guru Dr. Joseph Mercola — to name but three — have had their reputations ruined and livelihoods threatened by a media corrupted by pharmaceutical cash. 

Illustration by Yuchen Xiao/The Guardsman.

Rather than give up and go away, these three champions of public health continue to counter the drug dealers’ narrative. Each has now separately written a book on Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) since 1984, the man in charge of vaccines and the gain-of-function research behind them. Gain-of-function (making pathogens more virulent) was called bioweapon research until President Nixon outlawed it in 1970, but the renamed work goes on.

Dr. David Martin, the bow-tied talking head of the film Plandemic 2, viewable online, is a somber source of legal argument. In a recent online interview with German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, Martin rigorously details the series of U.S. patents filed for gain-of-function viruses since 1999. The existence of these patents proves the virus is synthetic (or it could not be patented), the motive is profit, and it’s nothing new.

To grasp the secrets of U.S. bioweapons research labs and their catastrophic effects on public health, you must dive into the mysteries of microbiology, nanotechnology, and bioengineering. Worse, you must confront systemic corruption of regulatory agencies by the industries they were designed to regulate. This journey into shady, unfamiliar realms can be daunting, but for me it’s proven enlightening. I heartily encourage you to follow my trail of breadcrumbs.  

Yes, There is Treatment

I’m not a doctor. I haven’t written a book. I’m just a CCSF student nostalgic for free physical enjoyment of the classes, campuses, and camaraderie that humans — the most social of all social animals — need in order to grow and learn. Inoculation with unregulated gene therapy that induces cells to produce toxic spike protein can be lethal, and should not be imposed on any student body as a prerequisite for public education.

An actual vaccine — based on attenuated (weakened) virus, not gain-of-function bioengineering — would only be justified if there were no treatment, but there is. The big pushback to the so-called “vaccine” has come from doctors treating their patients with a cocktail of over-the-counter drugs that stops viral replication in the early stages and prevents hospitalization. These include vitamins C and D, zinc, and quercitin.

Those doctors with higher profiles, like Dr. Peter McCullough, have been vilified by so-called “fact checkers” and deplatformed, even as they save lives. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko is another treating physician — meaning he sees patients, unlike Dr. Fauci — who lost his job, but saved his patients. Dr. Gerald Hoffe was put under a gag order by the Canadian government after reporting blood clots in over half his patients post-shot.

Anyone who’s ever sat through a Hollywood film knows the overwhelming pull of narrative. Novelist and journalist Joan Didion obsessively warned us against the Narrative. I never really understood what she meant until now. Now I know. It’s not a happy feeling. Where are we going with all this, and why? There is no logical explanation for injecting experimental toxins into people not at risk. People under age 45 without comorbidities are not at risk. In order to give our informed consent, we first need to inform ourselves.

5 thoughts on “What the “Damn Shot” Taught Me

  • Nicely done. Good to see intelligent reporting and analysis in California. Quite a shock to a conservative like me.

  • MikeMontgomery

    Kudos to you and your article. There are far too many sheep in American society and most of them lean left. Why would anyone consider receiving a vaccination with no time related track record, a mere 10 months of R&D( As opposed the the average 10 years of R&D for previous vaccines) with the multi billion $ pharma company that produces it have immunity for any liability when things go wrong. When did Americans stop relying on common sense? A corrupted MSM and an abusive social media has led to the demise of America.

  • Judy Mikovits

    I tricked Big Pharma into producing useless antiretroviral drugs for ME/CFS patients, based on my fraudulent data in my retracted Science paper. You cite appeals to false authority, who abuse their credentials to peddle medical disinformation. Disinformation is proven wrong by scientific evidence and logical thinking.

  • lynn tabor

    Your brave voice and willingness to question “why’ give me great hope for the future.

  • Ursula Stegall

    This is one of the most impressive , courageous and truthful articles that I have found during this entire ‘pandemic’. It alludes to a field that I thought was becoming extinct- investigative journalism. It is evident that the author has done extensive research in many fields related to the pandemic and has used the critical thinking skills needed to separate fact from fiction,propaganda from truth and reality in order to formulate logical conclusions. I can see the complicated work that has been put in behind this article. But the article itself is relatable, down to earth and can be understood by the average person from teenager to senior citizens and all those without the benefit of the research. I am so impressed and this is from a student newspaper! I was so shocked when I realized that. This article puts anything in the MSM to shame! Thank you for this pleasurable surprise, It gives a senior citizen like me hope that critical thinking is alive and well

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