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By Caolinn Goss

Photos by Jay Sea

“I have not been affected by the class cuts personally, but it’s kind of an issue that I think needs more attention. Especially since many students are not aware of this. How can you have a higher student retention when you have less classes? There’s this balance that is not being fulfilled.”                                                                                                                                          — Brandon Harris, Political Science



“[Tagalog] is one of those classes that unfortunately got affected by cuts. I know they’re trying to bring it back, but they completely removed the lan- guage program. There was a certificate that was offered that I was interested in getting.”
— Joshua Villanueva, Computer Science
“I was planning to take (photography) last semester, but I can’t take that class anymore because it’s gone. Hopefully it comes back before my semester is over. If not, I’ll just go to another city college. I’ve heard stories in class of how it affected other people. They had to go to another city, like Berkeley City College, to get their class.”
— Biniam Berih, Sales and Marketing


“Class cuts gave everything more of a sense of urgency [during registration]. With the class cuts I feel like that limits everyone’s opportunities to explore different areas or classes. It may affect some greater than others but it limits everyone’s chances.”
—Uziah Metcalfe, Kinesiology
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