5 Islands in the Bay Area to Read Treasure Island

By Joan Walsh


5 islands in the Bay Area to read Treasure Island

Summertime is not over in SF yet; in fact it’s just warming up! Enjoy the warmest month of weather by sitting outside enjoying a book. The San Francisco Bay Area has a myriad of different islands but these are the best to have a meta experience enjoying this classic.

Strawberry Hill

A small island in the middle of Stowe Lake at Golden Gate Park, Strawberry Hill has many lovely features such as an authentic Chinese Pavilion gifted from Taipei, a beautiful man-made waterfall, and views on the top of the hill of the bridge and Marin County. It’s a relaxing and beautiful place to walk around and stop to read a book. After reading one can rent a pedal boat to cruise around the lake.

Photo by Joan Walsh/The Guardsman

Albany Bulb

Albany Bulb is not technically a full island but close enough. This is definitely an eclectic place that has various art installations (think a more dilapidated version of stuff you’d see at Burning Man) scattered throughout the area. There are some trails but it’s also interesting to explore all the different nooks and crannies because who knows what you can find. Go down to the beach and read admiring views of the city or Marin County.

Photo by Joan Walsh/The Guardsman



While Alameda is technically an island it is a city home to over 70,000 people so it’s a little harder to have that remote island feeling. Forget the crowds of Alameda Beach and go to the small beach at Ballena Bay which is more off the beaten path and quiet with views of the city skyline. Afterwards check out Webster Street for various bars and restaurants.

Photo by Joan Walsh/The Guardsman

Treasure Island

How perfect is it to read Treasure Island on Treasure Island? While it sounds like a faraway palm canopied destination in the Caribbean, Treasure Island is located right over the bridge between the city and East Bay.  There is plenty of parking and a rocky beach that has stunning views of the city. Sit viewing the perfect skyline of the city or on the other side of the island facing eastern towards Berkeley.

Photo by Joan Walsh/The Guardsman

Angel Island

This is probably the best island on the list to read the book. Angel island is spacious with many trails to hike and explore as well as a 5-mile perimeter trail to bike around. Scenic views are abundant throughout the whole circumference of the island and there are benches galore to sit and read for hours. There are options to go for the day or 16 different campsites for an overnight adventure. There are daily ferries available from the city.

Photo by Joan Walsh/The Guardsman


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