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What can City college do to make the campus more environmentally friendly?

2_oopinion hys_Craig Persiko_berjan1

“Do more to encourage biking and public transit, as opposed to driving. Add a bus station arrival or departure sign in the cafeteria.”

— Craig Persiko,

Computer Science Dept. Chair, Professor




2_opinion hys_Ella Dygert_berjan.2

“Get rid of smoking areas altogether, add succulent plants so that less water is used for the plants.”

— Ella Dygert,

Environmental Science


2_opinionhys_ Rasik Wadhawan_berjan2 copy

“More garbage cans around campus, also more posters showing what dirtiness and cleanliness can do for the campus.”

— Rasik Wadhawan,



2_opinion HYS_Evelyn Zepeda_Berjan2 copy

So far we’ve been good with the environment on campus.”

— Evelyn Zepeda,



2_opinionHYS_James Burgess_berjan1 copy

 “More trash cans around campus. They’re labelled nicely, but there should be more. It’s a clean campus to me.”

— James Burgess,

Environmental Science




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