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Have Your Say: What Are the Pros and Cons of Your Housing Situation?

By Ellen Yoshitsugu



1. CeCe Jones

The pro is that we are a multi-generational household which allows us to live in the Bay Area and makes living in the Bay Area affordable. Unfortunately the con is that most of us do not earn a living wage, and therefore it is difficult for us not only to afford housing inside the cities that we work in, like San Francisco, but that means it also requires us to move outside of the area into neighboring counties, which not only increases our commute but it is also wear and tear on our bodies and our minds. It makes it harder for students to focus because they’re managing a commute from sometimes an hour or two away, in order to get here for class or work. And I myself have at least an hour and a half commute in the morning. I’ve got two, three hours on the way home. Just to afford to live.

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2. Phoenix

My particular housing situation is I’m at this institution called Job Corps centered at Treasure Island and if you’re in a particular income bracket then they allow you to live there for free. Everything is pretty much free; there’s no rent. There’s free room and board, free uniforms for any trades you might go into. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is provided for you. I’m doing relatively well. I’m very grateful for the housing situation I’m at. I can’t think of anything I don’t like about it right at the moment.

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3. Aiyana Perez (declined to have her picture taken)

I have to say that it’s pretty difficult right now. I’m in a housing program and I’m trying to find a place to live. I had a housing assessment. And I’m trying to call them and try to see the updates and no one answers. I know I’m not the only one that has a situation going on, but it’s still not okay, because it’s a very serious situation that should be taken seriously. It was a very hard year. I graduated on time, still got my high school diploma, you know, but it was still very difficult when it came to food, clothes and toiletries. I’m in a housing program, it’s just a horrible place. I wouldn’t recommend it. Drinking and partying and the workers don’t care. I’m taking 18 – 20 units and trying to get ahead.

4. Nicolette

My housing situation is pretty nice. I live with my parents so I don’t have rent. It’s close to school. Yeah it’s pretty good. The cons, well, it’s always cold. And the transportation is always late.

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5. Barbara Berry

I live in a wonderful neighborhood; I can walk to City College. A pro is that I was actually able to buy something in San Francisco more than 30 years ago. I’m probably paying less on a mortgage than people pay for rent. I feel very lucky and privileged. We have neighbors and we talk to each other and do things together and help each other out. It feels like an old-fashioned neighborhood. The cons are the fog. And one con that’s happening all over San Francisco is the homelessness. That’s a concern of mine in general. And I’ve almost been killed many times walking to City College at the corner of Judson and Edna.

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  • Hmmm…..I wish I had a Situation
    ….. Fact is I’m 55yrs old and I have never had my name on a lease and I have basically been homeless since 1999……

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