No Second Chances; Rams Beat Lassen Advancing To NorCal Regional Finals

By Onyx Hunter


Carving out one more win, the CCSF Women’s Basketball team would make it to the NorCal Finals. On Feb. 25 the Rams , never letting go of  the lead, walked away with an 84-57 rout of the Lassen Community College Cougars.

But in  the first quarter the game was  closer than the Rams would’ve liked.  After two successful Cougar free throws The Rams ended the period with just a two point lead, 19-17.

“Teuila Tuiasosopo-35 coming in for a Field Goal alone.” Photo by Onyx Hunter taken Feb. 25

Then the Rams bolted from the Cougars, scoring  a whopping 42 points in the second quarter to end the period  61-28.

“Rianna Lee making an uncontested Field Goal” Photo by Onyx Hunter taken Feb. 25

The rest of the game wasn’t exactly smooth sailing, as Lassen offered a strong defense, scoring more points than the Rams in the fourth quarter. But it was never enough to challenge the Rams’ lead.

Props to Stacey Angel-Haro-20 who committed plenty of time on court to leading round 1 and getting ahead at round 2.

“Mosh Pit” Photo by Onyx Hunter taken Feb. 25

Every shot you don’t take you miss! Talo Li-Uperesa-23 made the most attempts at scoring for CCSF with 17 field goals attempted and 8 successful. Li-Uperesa is quite the power forward.

Special mention to Amira Lama-30, who attempted 13 field goals and made 6.y, second highest on the Rams.

“Stacy Angel-Haro-20 carefully constructing an offence with her team” Photo by Onyx Hunter taken Feb. 25


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