City College Students Celebrate Unity Day Despite Intense February Heat

City College’s Inter Club Council [ICC] hosted its annual Unity Day on Feb. 26, at the Ram’s Plaza in the midday heat. Unity Day is a designated day for clubs to intermingle with students, to promote more visibility for their club, and to attract new members.

One of the clubs that was included in Unity Day was Students Making a Change, which advocates for student equity. Trillia Hargorle, member of Students Making a Change said, “Unity Day felt a little rushed but it was definitely a success for us.” 

Chris Butler, vice president of ICC, mentioned how Unity Day was slow to start but picked up overtime time. “I was a bit discouraged at first because there were a lot of empty tables, but a lot more people showed up later on. I heard from other clubs how they had a lot of good success. I was talking to BSU [Black Student Union] and they said how they had three pages of people, who are interested in joining,” Butler said. 

Students visit the Inter Club Council’s annual Unity Day event at Ocean Campus’s amphitheatre on Feb. 26, 2020. Photo by Jennifer Yin/The Guardsman

City Cafe, one of City College’s restaurants located at the bottom of the Student Union also provided free food and drinks to any students, who completed a club survey. Provided refreshments consisted of popcorn chicken, teriyaki chicken, potato curry, and Taiwanese milk tea.

Cost for food and drinks derived from ICC’s budget, which is funded through the college’s student activity fee. “It [student activity fee] recently went up to $7 this most recent semester and promotes Associate Student funding. Most of the funding goes to the college’s resource centers, but a good cut goes to ICC’s budget which then goes to club allocations,” Butler said. 

Future works for ICC will be Frisco Day and was described by Butler as, “Frisco Day is when San Francisco Unified gets together and all the high school students come here. So they ask us to host a table for them and they also ask for all the clubs to go out there,” Butler said. 

ICC will be hosting Frisco Day on May 3, 2020.

The Guardsman