The Koret Foundation Announced $500,000 in Scholarship Funds That Will be Offered to City College students.

By  An Pham.


The Koret Foundation announced $10 million in scholarship funds for nine colleges and universities in the Bay Area, and City College received $500,000 according to the foundation’s press release on Aug 31, 2020. 


The Koret Foundation is a private foundation based in San Francisco. They’re committed to strengthening the Bay Area community and nurturing the continuity of the Jewish people worldwide.

Illustration by Manon Cadenaule/The Guardsman. Instagram: @Cadenaulem

The $500,000 that will be transferred to City College students is a direct financial aid for full-time, first-generation, or low-income students to help them meet urgent needs and address unanticipated challenges and emergencies in the unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic.


According to Koret Foundation senior program officer Ashley Rodwick, this scholarship can also be helpful as an emergency fund to the students who need help over basic needs or students who look for ways to make the virtual learning experience better amid the pandemic. 


The goal of the scholarship is to reach out to over 75 City College students per year over the course of four to five years of the scholarship. “The goal is to help in many ways,” Rodwick said. “This is funding that can be direct financial aid that can help for tuition or school materials and other education-related costs.”


Other than scholarship, City College had already received during the Summer 2020 term a grant from the Koret Foundation before. As reported in xxxxx by The Guardsman , “the $2 million grant was for supporting new course models and technology to expand online, hybrid-online, and year-round class offerings. The money will also be used to improve transfer and graduation rates, and support first-generation students.”

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