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What makes you proud to be a CCSF student?

By Joel Wagner


“Well, what makes me feel proud is knowing that I can actually pursue the career in many other areas if I am interested, and it’s not going to impact so much of my resources and I’m actually happy about that and be able to learn in different areas too.”
Luis Acuna – Computer Science


“I like the fact that there are so many resources. If you need something for Latino resources—or anything else—people really help you especially with credentials and FAFSA. You can also have a mentor program and you don’t feel stuck and want to know who to talk to… Culture-wise, it’s very together.”
Irene Anaya – Dentistry


“I think that CCSF could be one of the only schools in the world that has this much diversity in age and ethnicity and nationality. It subconsciously makes me more well-rounded. I pick up better study habits and have better academics. I think I’m also able to learn consciously what’s a better way of doing things just from people doing things differently.”
Michael Gee – Environmental Engineering


“I like CCSF because it is a very old college and teachers here care about the students. The college is in San Francisco, which is a very diverse city. There are a lot of diverse students, and there is very professional work here.”
Orod Babaahmady – Healthcare
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