SF Mint Hosts Haunted Experience until November 1st

By Lolie Mahe


As Halloween approaches, Bay Area production company Into the Dark breezes into San Francisco with a new, riveting haunted experience, “The Summoning.” Live at SF’s Mint, the show is up to an hour long, with a combination of theatrics, scary mazes, and special effects. 

Terror Vault will be held in the San Francisco Mint. The SF Mint was established in 1852 and opened in 1854 in response to the California Gold Rush. Though operations for production of coins were suspended in 1955 and 1965, it is open to community gathering events such as weddings, galas, and others such as this haunted experience. It is now a national historical landmark and is owned by the city of  San Francisco.

Flyer courtesy of Into the Dark and The Mint

The production will allow for visitors to take part in a, “…real live seance that rips a hole into the supernatural world and takes them on a terrifying adventure!” as Into the Dark states. The show is Rated-R for ages 18 and over. Upon arrival, guests must show proof of vaccination with the requirement of masks being worn at all times. 

The audience of Terror Vault’s “The Summoning” is part of the show, as there will be interactions between guests and actors through aggressive pushing/grabbing contact. Into the Dark mentions visitors should “Prepare to come face-to-face with demonic spirits while you attempt to retrieve the severed head of an unethical vampire queen.” Guests can be fully involved and immersed with the experience by wearing a red glow necklace. 

For those who do consider taking this quest in the spirit of Halloween and scares, be advised that there will be flashing lights, moments of darkness, strong smells, strong language, nudity, and depictions of physical abuse in the production. 

At both the start and end of the venture, guests over 21 can enjoy cocktails and bites at the 80’s New Wave/Goth pop-up bar, Fang Bang Bar. Tickets can be purchased online, with prices ranging from $55 to $75.

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