Student activists organize “Know Your Rights” panel

By Jacob Edelman



City College’s Political Science and Economics Club organized an open forum on Mar. 8 that brought students, faculty, and administrators together to speak about pressing, contemporary issues regarding the college.


The purpose of the panel discussion was to involve people from all sides and provide a platform so they


Speakers included Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Tom Boegel, Student Trustee Max Hershfield, social sciences professor Rick Baum and Student Assembly organizer Marcos Cruz.


Tim Killikelly and Pablo Rodriguez, members of City College’s faculty union AFT 2121, also attended.


Each speaker had two minutes to discuss topics presented to the panel, beginning with the 2012 “accreditation crisis” that put City College’s accreditation at risk.


Topics then transitioned to the allocation of resources and transparency of board of trustee decisions, class cancellations and employee downsizing across campuses, student employment, faculty retirement packages referred to as the Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan, registration issues with Banner 9, and the Balboa Reservoir Project, which will impact student parking by City College’s Multi-Use Building.

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