Repairs Begin On Ocean Campus Underground Pipes

By Starr A. Wilson

Anyone who has been on campus for a while would have noticed the pipes alongside Cloud Hall and Visual Arts sprouting steam on a 24/7 basis, the trees dying and their roots pulling out of the ground.

Student Ryan Louie stated, “I thought it was fog.  It’s so cool. A natural phenomenon before your eye.”

Student Caitlin Reilly said, “I wasn’t quite sure where the fog was coming from so I avoided it.”

Student Cafeteria Operations Manager Don Rice, said, “In January, all the heat was off so we generate heat.  Everything runs on gas except for the mini inconveniences.”

Caution tape blocks off a section of the under-construction sidewalk next to Batmale Hall on Ocean Campus on March 4, 2020. Photo by Starr Wilson/Special to the Guardsman

Evette Davis, a spokesperson for City College, said, “We have at least two buildings on the Ocean campus that have suffered heating and/or water supply failures.  One is adjacent to Cloud and the other is near Batmale Hall. 

Davis added both of the issues were identified and temporarily repaired.    

Cinema Instructor Dan Olmsted said, “It doesn’t stink anymore.  That’s what I call progress.”

Davis said, “The permanent repairs will need planning, design, and construction, which will take several weeks “

Davis further said the initial cost of the temporary repair is about $46,000, which was approved by the Board of Trustees last month, with the final permanent repair approximately $250,000.

Davis added “The Board of Trustees Facilities Master Plan Oversight Committee has been informed. “ 

“There are several items on the next Board of Trustees meeting agenda for March 26, that will help us respond to these types of repairs more expeditiously.  Both bond funds and general funds may be used to effect these repairs,” Davis said. 

The Guardsman