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Famous fortune cookie shop’s rent spikes this year


By Michael J Montalvo



          The famous handmade fortune cookie factory on Ross Alley, near Jackson Street, in San Francisco is having trouble staying open with the recent price spike in  rent.

           The Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory which is the only handmade fortune cookie store in the United States, opened in the 60s in the middle of Chinatown. In the past year, rent rose up, yet again, this time, going up by five percent.

Rental websites like Zumper and Abode clock the current median rent at $3400, making it the highest rent in the country. Commercial properties are not protected with rent control and landlords are allow to raise the rent yearly.               

          The cookie factory’s rent has raised up to $5760 a month, which was recently only $1400. There are some places the city must protect when it comes to retaining its own history. The Fortune Cookie factory has been granted its own day. In 2018, the city of San Francisco made June 8, “Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company Day.”

           Even before that, in 2016, the fortune cookie factory was named a “San Francisco Legendary Business.” It’s a very popular tourist attraction. When I first came to San Francisco, one of the first things I did was to go to the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory.

Owner Kevin Chan is worried about the future since he can’t relocate due to the cost it would take to move all of the old equipment. As of right now, the factory will continue to stay open and continue to handcraft fortune cookies until further notice.

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