Letters to The Editor

Letter to the Editor – I am Ann Clark and I Have to Walk Slowly

Dear Editor,


City College has a San Francisco elected Board of Trustees. Finances are the most important Board of Trustee duties for the college and the college’s responsibilities. The board is fully in charge of all CCSF money, finances, and financials. The Board of Trustees must immediately appoint and designate now—as soon as possible—a City College Finance Committee that reports directly to the Board. The City College Finance Board Reports must be on time and must begin to immediately publish each quarterly report for each fiscal year and a final report one month after the fiscal year has ended.


In addition, the Board of Trustees and the Financial Committee must determine if there are discrepancies. The chancellor is not in charge of City College finances. The chancellor reports to and works with the Board of Trustees and the Finance Committee to balance budgets and provide reports.


— Ann Clark

The Guardsman