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Mask or Don’t Mask; Just Don’t Half-Mask

By Diana Greer


COVID-19 cases are on the rise! Vaxxed or not vaxxed, fully boostered or partially poked, you just lived through another wave of coronavirus.

According to the latest California Department of Public Health data, our test positivity rate topped 14%, the highest since last year at this time and the fifth highest mark since the pandemic began in early 2020.

San Franciscans are among the most vaccinated and masked persons on the planet right now. On any given day you can see mask wearers inside, outside, even masked while driving solo in a vehicle. Hand sanitizer stations abound and it’s not unusual to see people opting for disposable gloves. How are we still giving and getting COVID-19 to each other?

While some point to the different iterations of the virus escaping the coverage of the shots fired so far, the other reason we are still spreading c19 is because our protections are insufficient, and the ones we are using are slipping down our faces.

You are not wrong in choosing to mask up these days that mask has got to be a fresh, new N95 and not a bandanna, a cotton fabric mask, a fancy vented mask nor an old previously worn N95. You must wear that proper mask fully covering your nose and mouth. That N95 has to cover the mouth and nose at the same time.

And your eyes! The airborne droplets of COVID-19 can settle upon the mucosa of your eyes. Proper COVID-19 protection protocols include wearing virus goggles over your eyes.


H2 Mask Up Properly or Prepare To Give and Get COVID-19, Diana Greer, 2-2-2-2-2

Last week on MUNI about every 8th person was self consciously coughing into their arm. While it is surprising to see various levels of C19 prevention in healthcare settings during this time, those needing to stay coronavirus-free still have to do the proper things to keep it at bay.

We still need well-fitting N95s over our noses and our mouths, and at the same time. All along we should have been wearing virus goggles (a disposable eye covering worn like glasses).

Let’s face it, anyone without a proper N95 mask and virus goggles is going to be vulnerable to giving and getting COVID-19.

City College Student Health Center offers generalized advice about resting and staying home when you don’t feel well but no testing and no vaccinations.

CDC and FDA officials announced a brand new and updated COVID vaccine for the most recent strain the omicron variant known as XBB.1.5. Be sure that the location you’re walking into or making an appointment for offers the updated vaccine.

https://myturn.ca.gov/ is a helpful site to connect Californians with vaccinations and boosters.

KQED.org’s Carly Severn wrote a very helpful and inclusive Where Can I Find the New COVID Vaccine Near Me? Last month that every household should bookmark to use for the rest of the year.

Tired of COVID-19? We are just getting started so keep buying and using those well-fitting N95s over your nose and mouth, and pick up a pair of virus goggles to keep you and yours safe as we enter the holiday season. Mask on!

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