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Periodical Pop Up Pantries Provide

By Emma Cummings


Food assistance resources are available to students even as the campus plans to host the majority of classes virtually again next semester.

Before the pandemic students visited an in-person “pantry”, known as the Rams Food Market, which operated as an on-campus food bank with regular hours.

Limited access continues for student resources that cannot be provided in a virtual capacity. The food pantry is one such resource that cannot be replaced virtually.   

Offering food assistance programs requires the campus to take a different approach in a post-pandemic environment, but there are still resources available. For example, food cards, pre-loaded $50 Safeway gift cards, are available through the 18 different campus resource groups. 

Additionally, pop-up pantries are periodically being hosted on campus again. The Student Activities office is working to get the Rams Food Market back on campus, but it relies on support from local food banks. “We are working with the San Francisco Marin Food Bank and intend to bring the Rams Food Market back to campus as soon as possible. Due to the pandemic, the Food Bank closed most of their pantries for specific populations in order to serve the greater Bay Area.” said Student Life Clerk Sophia Montano.

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