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Have Your Say: How do you feel about in-person classes returning? 

By Lolie Mahe



The Guardsman asked five City College community members how they feel about in-person classes returning, with a follow up question about their feelings about Zoom classes being terminated. 


Gloria Arriola Hernandez – Student, Child Development


I feel so happy because we’re in-person. Distance learning isn’t so great, while in-person classes are much better because you can explore more and socialize with other people. In-person, you can make sure questions about your assignment are answered and if you’re stuck, they help you. I wouldn’t recommend distance learning because there’s a disconnection.

Now, students can go onto Ocean Campus, explore all of the classrooms, and make more friends.


Ivan Davila – Student, Engineering

It feels a lot much easier compared to online classes. I’ve been studying online for two years, and it was pretty hard, but now that we’re in-person, it feels a lot much easier. In-person, you have tutors and you have teachers who can help you out finally, at least. I’m taking some hard classes and if I were taking them online, I’d probably not really be doing this, here, at the moment.

Honestly, I’m a little surprised [at the termination of zoom classes next semester] because not all of us can be available in-person. That’s a little unfortunate because it’s flexible for some people who might need it because they can’t be available.


Perenise Fono – Former Student and Current Mentor, Asian Pacific American Student Success Center 

I don’t really care for it, I’m an online person.” I used to take both in-person and online classes, but I didn’t really enjoy in-person classes because I had a full-time job and had to take night classes. For convenience purposes, it’s better for me to be online than in-person. I prefer online, but it has to be asynchronous.


Ebric – Student, Architecture and Design

In-person classes are much better. Because I major in Architecture and Design, I have more opportunities to learn with the teacher/instructor in-person that I wouldn’t have online. I live in a city called San Leandro, and I heard about the school from some past relationships of mine out here. I took two years of classes online and my first time in-person was last Fall.


Alex – Student, English

I feel great about in-person classes because it’s more stressful online. I’m just here for studying English. I’ve been here at the school since last year and I feel more confident and comfortable in-person than in online classes.

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