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What was your must-have item when stocking up for Corona Virus isolation?

By Fran Smith


Note: Because of recent events surrounding the global pandemic, we, of course, had to make adjustments to our new learning environment and how we physically gather information. For this section, we normally walk around the campus’ and photograph the people we interview but since that was not an option for this issue, I decided to reach out to my friends who are located in different parts of the country, dare I say world, and asked them to participate and they happily obliged.

Photos: Special to The Guardsman



“I live alone and my pantry and freezer is pretty much always stocked up enough for myself, and I got a bidet attachment last year so I don’t use a lot of TP but I definitely made sure to get a couple of 1000 piece puzzles and an assortment of paints so that I could do home decorator projects during isolation.”

Karin Mester, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

Photo by Karin Mester


  “I rely on my electronic devices that, through phone minutes or internet connection, allow me to communicate with friends and family. It’s a luxury to be concerned about socializing more than survival. Yet, I can’t deny that when I hear the word “need,” I think of seeing people I cherish, whose presence and touch I would take for granted. While phone and webcam calls don’t replace that, I’m squeezing as many as I can into my busy life and am grateful to be able to.”

David M. Horowitz, San Francisco California

Photo by David M. Horowitz



“I would say food, water and meds. Oh, cash. Just in case banks close.”

Ezzy Ruiz, Naples Florida

Photo by Ezzy Ruiz


“When I have to go into lockdown, the most important item that I have to go with me is water because it is the key element to survive for human being. Water plays significant roles in the body including flushing waste from the body, regulating body temperature, transportation of nutrients and digestion. Therefore, water is absolutely essential item to have with me.”

Karen Yeh, Taipei, Taiwan


Photo courtesy of  Karen Yeh


“In some ways, stocking up felt like playing the old computer game Oregon Trail – serious consequences down the road but almost unreal. I bought staple items like flour, canned food and coffee but I also bought plants to grow some food. Plus bubble bath and face masks for self-care even though almost no one will see me for months.”

Michaela Payne, Sacramento, California

Photo by Michaela Payne




“Ok can it be my dog? Her name is Snickers and she’s a Yorkie. I would want her the most because I’ve had her for 11 years & she needs her person and I need my fur baby. She’s a great support dog that keeps me happy and positive during tough times. She’s my best 4 legged friend.”

Nikki Carlos, Antioch, California

Photo by Nikki Carlos





3 thoughts on “Have Your Say

  • Jane Oluchi Ikeji

    Yeah for me the most essentials at these pandemic times are to have food, medicines, my phone, and my internet up and running to stay connected to friends, family and my classes online This is because of the quarantine in place and social distancing, it becomes paramount to have basics essentials while on lockdown.

  • Tomasita Medál

    What’s happening with Nikki Carlos? So pretty and beautiful. Why is she in the hospital? Is she better yet? Please reply. I care. Tomasita Medál

    • The Guardsman

      Tomasita, thank you for asking about her. Nikki has Sickle Cell Disease. She makes frequent trips to the hospital for pain management, transfusions and other related events.

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