Rams Baseball Team Snaps 11 Game Losing Streak With Dramatic 9Th Inning Win

By Onyx Hunter


After 11 consecutive losses the Rams baseball team scored a thrilling 6-5 victory in a walk-off over Chabot on April 8. Three days later the team’s winning streak ended in a loss to Canada.

Owen Gallegos is the Pitcher for CCSF’s Men’s Baseball. He’s becoming well known for pitching strike-outs. April, 11, 2023. Pacifica, Calif.

The Rams/Chabot game was scoreless until the top of the 4th when Chabot’s Alonzo Guijarro hit a solo home run. At the end of the 5th inning the Rams took the lead with a two-run homer by David Balague.

Chabot regained the lead, 4-3, in the 7th, but the Rams fought back, tying it 4-4 in the 8th, setting up the theatrical finish.

Shane Stanley, #22, looses his protective mask after catching the ball in his bare hand during pre-game warmups. The Rams are playing against the Chabot Gladiators at noon. April, 6, 2023. Pacifica, Calif.

After holding Chabot to one run in the 9th, the Rams needed two for a long awaited victory.

With the bases loaded Ryan Anderson stepped up to bat. Chabot’s pitcher got two strikes and then, perhaps attempting to get Anderson to chase, threw the ball low.

Shane Stanley takes time to center himself before the upcoming game against Chabot this morning. April, 11, 2023. Pacifica, Calif. (Tyler Lyn Sorrow for The Guardsman)

The pitch went under the catcher striking him in the leg and careening far behind the batter, the umpire, and everyone else for that matter. The runner from third slid headfirst across the plate. Chabot and the Rams were tied at 5.

The umpire and one Rams player shake hands just before the game begins. The CCSF Men’s Baseball are facing off against the Chabot Gladiators. April, 11, 2023. Pacifica, Calif.

Anderson shot the next pitch into the outfield far from the defense.  In the seconds that followed, the final runner and 6th run for the team jogged into home throwing his helmet high into the air. 

In all the excitement the whole team ran onto the field roaring and pointing their fingers in the air before tackling one another, forming a circle and pointing at the sky one last time.

One unfortunate Ram loses his balance going after the ball during morning warm-ups. He recovers just fine and finds humor in the situation. April, 11, 2023. Pacifica, Calif.

Three days later the party was over.

With a 7-4 loss to Canada on April 11 the Rams team concluded its winning streak at 1.

The Guardsman