The Rigorous Transfer Student Experience During the Pandemic


By An Pham


The 2020 fall semester began with several errors in registration and on Canvas that frustrated City College students, but the transfer center online turned out to be helpful. Students who had trouble going through the transfer process were assisted well by counselors. 


Because City College hasn’t been able to re-open yet students will have to figure out and face the application process completely online. The online transfer center instructs students on how to make an appointment with a counselor and they could also find links to other transfer workshops.


Alexa Bautista is a City College’s student who’s taking on 21 units this semester and applying to multiple UCs and CSUs. She is one of many students that are juggling between course load and the application process during COVID-19. 

City College student Alexa Bautista contemplates prospective colleges in hopes of transferring. San Francisco, CA. Oct. 24, 2020. Photo by Melvin Wong/The Guardsman.

“Another factor that is overwhelming can be trying to do your best amidst this pandemic.” Bautista said. “It’s been very easy to break down and feel burned out, and it’s easy to feel so alone and disconnected.”


Even though Bautista was used to studying online in previous semesters, she has been feeling like there’s more pressure and more work this semester. But help was there and all of her questions were answered when she consulted with a counselor at City College and her mentor at UC Berkeley’s Starting Point Mentorship Program.“I really appreciate and am grateful for everyone who has helped me on my journey to transfer.” Bautista said. 


Vice Chancellor of Student Development Tessa Hederson Brown assured through an email that City College’s online transfer center and transfer coordinators were convenient and supportive of transferring students.


“They work to create an extensive calendar of transfer services to connect students and help them stay on their transfer path,” Brown said.“The transfer center webpage has robust resources, connection to college representatives and other transfer opportunities available for students.”


Journalism student Matheus Maynard was not happy when he found out that his transfer process would have to be done 100% online since he was filled with questions. That was until he found out Zoom made it easier than he thought it would be. 

City College student Matheus Maynard is caught in a moment of contemplation. San Francisco, CA. Oct. 24, 2020. Photo by Melvin Wong/The Guardsman.

“I spoke to a counselor before sending my application to start my process of graduating…She was extremely helpful and it was super easy to get that going.” Maynard said 


Maynard also found some important information and guidance through the transfer website, and also consulted with a few people at San Francisco State University which aided in his smooth and easy transfer process. 

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