Santana Family Honored With Mission Mural

By JohnTaylor Wildfeuer


La Familia Santana, a mural honoring members of the Santana family Josefina, Jose, Jorge, Carlos, and his grandson Jorge, was formally dedicated, replete with ribbon cutting ceremony, on Oct. 29.

The mural, which depicts legendary guitar virtuoso and legendary Bay Area figure Carlos Santana alongside his family, is located in the BART plaza at 24th and Mission.

After a years’ effort the mural’s creators, Crayone and Mark Bode, finished the piece, which was based upon a sketch by Randolph Bowes and Jorge Santana.

“La Familia Santana,” with artwork designed by the late Jorge Santana, is dedicated to the Santana family for their contributions to the local and international community. Oct. 31, 2021. Photo by Janna Velasquez/The Guardsman

The event, which was open to media but not the general public, was attended by Mission locals including City College’s Juan Gonzales.

Jorge passed away in Sept. 2020, and the celebration of the mural based on his sketch was dedicated to his spirit.

The Santana Family Mural, a commemoration of celebrated Bay Area locals, and a lasting eulogy for the late Jorge Santana, can be viewed by the public at the southwest corner of 24th and Mission, at the top of  the BART station escalators.

The Guardsman