On the Edge of Defeat: Rams Win 5-4

By Onyx Hunter


On April 20 the City College of San Francisco baseball team put on quite a show in its final home game of the season, earning a victory when reliever David Howard pitched out of a tough spot in the ninth inning, closing the book on the College of San Mateo Bulldogs. 

“Richochet” Photo by Onyx Hunter

The Rams took the lead with a run in the third inning, and stayed ahead through most of the game, scoring twice in the sixth and adding two more runs in the eighth.

But the Bulldogs wouldn’t go down without a fight. 

Moment of Jubilation after the Rams’ first run. Photo by Onyx Hunter/The Guardsman

Scoring one run in the sixth, San Mateo came out swinging in the top of the ninth, loading the bases and scoring three to imperil the Rams’ lead, now 5-4. 

Jerin Po’oma’a-Adaro, being congratulated on getting a good hit and nearly making it to 1st Base. Photo by Onyx Hunter/The Guardsman

With two outs, two on base and two strikes the Bulldogs’ batter shot a low drive between first and second bases. Second baseman Angel Perez, playing between the bags, dove to his right, reaching as far as his arm could stretch and snagged the ball close to the ground, grinding his shoulder against the dirt as he fell, but securing the Rams’ win.

Owen Gallegos in action. Photo by Onyx Hunter/The Guardsman

Rams starting pitcher Owen Gallegos showed particular prowess, tying a season high of eight strikeouts and zero walks, making a substantial contribution to the victory.

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