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Student Council Election Results are In

By Garrett Leahy


It’s official, the election results for 2021’s Associated Student Council at City College have been counted and verified by 2021 ASCO Election Commissioner Samantha Do.

With this election, there is a new student vice chancellor, student trustee, president of the John Adams and Ocean campuses, and a slew of new student senators for the Ocean campus, nearly all of whom are students of color. 

Newly elected Student Trustee Juan “Malinalli” Villalobos will provide an advisory vote on the Board of Trustees. Heather Brandt is Ocean Campus’ new president of the campus council. They will begin their terms, along with their new colleagues, on June 1.

The updated Ocean Codes also passed in a 201-53 vote, meaning that starting next term, students will be able to intern with the Associated Student Council, primarily by shadowing subcommittees, an opportunity for students interested in student government to learn about the duties of elected student government officials.

The full list of winners can be found on the City College website.


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