Historic Mural to be Moved to Student Union Building

By Emma Pratt


The historic City College Women’s Resource Center mural is being moved from Smith Hall to the Women’s Resource Center’s new location in the Student Union Building. 

The artist Wei Lin produced the mural over 20 years ago in honor of the founding of the center. The mural depicts some of the key founders.

The mural will be damaged during the moving process but Lin will be working on-site to repair it. Students are welcome to watch Lin work in-person to bring the mural back to life at its new location – restorations will start soon.

During the transportation of the mural to it’s new tempoary location in the Womens Recource Center at the cafe level of the Student Union, there was some minor damage done to the painting. The WRC is waiting to hear back from the artist in regards to making the necassary repairs. Ocean Campus May 8, 2023 Franchon Smith/The Gurdsman

“This is not only a work of art on campus that many people are not aware of, but it’s a great example of many parts of the campus community working together to save this mural,” said Barbara Lass, chair of the Works of Art Committee and member of the Behavioral Sciences department. 

The move will cost the college $250 as an honorarium to Lin for the restoration work, plus the cost of any supplies needed, said Lass. Eventually, the mural and the Women’s Resource Center will be housed together permanently at the new Student Center. 

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