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A Grain of Salt…

Illustration by Serina Mercado
Illustration by Serina Mercado

A Grain of Salt…


By Patrick Tamayo/Opinion Editor

It’s difficult to keep up with the continuous bombardment of information that comes to us from all directions.

What’s the truth, what’s real?

There is no telling really. Just because it’s on the Internet, or the news said it or it was printed in a magazine or newspaper does not necessarily mean that it’s true.

On top of that, we have to think about the possible agenda behind any information we come across.

Who are we supposed to believe? There is no definite answer but you shouldn’t fall for anything just because something was printed or said on television.

Do your own research. Find out what the other side is saying. Learn who is behind the publications you’re reading. Then, and only then, can you come up with your own conclusion.

Until then, take everything with a grain of salt.

Wanted: adult desks

As City College continues to work on keeping and maintaining its accreditation, it’s obvious the desks at Ocean campus and Downtown center have survived another summer break without being upgraded.

Anyone who takes or has taken classes at either campus knows the desks are extremely outdated.

The kids at Lick-Wilmerding High School across the street from Ocean campus have bigger desks, and in better condition.

The feeling you get trying to write lecture notes while the desk penetrates your upper abdomen as you try not to move to avoid the overused desks from squeaking makes for an awful learning environment.

When the dry erase rail in a computer lab is lined up with chair parts that have fallen from the chairs, it might be time to update some of the equipment on campus.

Ludicrous rent

There appears to be little relief in sight in regards to apartment rental prices in San Francisco and anyone looking can probably steer clear of the Lower Haight.

Just a few weeks ago a one-bedroom was listed for the comical price of $6,500.

The listing price turned out to be a mistake and the actual prices turned out to be an affordable $4,980 a month.

For those of us not so good at math, that’s almost $60,000 a year for rent alone.

The fact that this listing is real does little to give much hope of affordable rental options, but it’s becoming more and more apparent that while the majority can’t afford these exuberant rental rates it doesn’t matter.

Properties like this one aren’t meant for you or me.

Shrimpy allegations

As if San Francisco doesn’t have enough on its plate, the fine folks over at the mayor’s office have recently had to deal with allegations of corruption.

Alleged Chinatown gangster, Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow has accused Mayor Ed Lee of exchanging favors for “substantial bribes.”

In Lee’s defense, he did call those making allegations against him “orangutans trying to deflect attention.”

As hard as I’ve tried, I’ve been unable to find a suitable time to call anyone an orangutan.

No charges have been filed against the mayor or any of his staff.

While most have chosen to believe what Lee is selling, let’s not forget that all this started with anti-gun advocate and former state Sen. Leland Yee, who is currently awaiting sentencing after taking bribes from undercover federal agents.

On top of agreeing to favor certain legislation, Yee also OK’d smuggling guns from the Philippines.

For those not paying attention, guns are bad, unless you’re getting bribed to smuggle them in from overseas.

Footlong problem

Losing weight can sometimes make people do funny things, or unfunny.

Longtime Subway Restaurants spokesman Jared Fogle, now ex-spokesman, apparently did some unfunny things before accepting a plea deal for having sex with underage girls and possessing child pornography.

There is no way to spin this. His actions are reprehensible and paying his debt to society will likely be extra hard (no pun intended) as crimes against children are highly frowned up where Fogle will be residing soon.

What’s the world come to when one can’t even trust an ex-fat guy to sell barely edible sandwiches?

As if relations with minors wasn’t enough, Fogle’s foundation for fighting childhood obesity was nothing more than another molestation of justice.

The foundation used the majority of their profits to pay its now-jailed director’s salary, the same ex-director also jailed on child pornography charges.

Imitation seafood and crab sandwiches will never be the same.


As ridiculous as things are and as bad as you want to believe everything you see or read, don’t do it. Do your own research. Gather information from more than one source and whatever you do, be sure to take things with a grain of salt.

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