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File Photo - City College of San Francisco's Ocean campus, December 2, 2014. Photo by Santiago Mejia/The Guardsman
File Photo – City College of San Francisco’s Ocean campus, December 2, 2013. Photo by Santiago Mejia/The Guardsman


By Santiago Mejia and Alex Lamp

The Guardsman

Bolstered with three years of state funding and an opportunity for restoration, City College of San Francisco remains open and accredited.

The accreditation termination of City College of San Francisco has been set aside, Chancellor Arthur Tyler stated in a June 13 email.

“In the meantime our status as an accredited institution on ‘Show Cause’ is maintained,” Tyler said.

When the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) found CCSF to be in non-compliance of the ACCJC’s accreditation standards, the college was required to “show cause” why its accreditation should not be terminated on the July 31, 2014, deadline.

Panel orders commission to consider progress

The commission’s hearing panel has decided it cannot strip City College’s accreditation based on its March 2012 evaluation report.

The commission will now consider the college’s progression toward reaching full compliance. CCSF’s progress can be tracked at CCSFFoward’s Roadmap to Success list where 94% of its 323 tasks have been completed.

“We are pleased that the ACCJC has recognized the extraordinary progress we’ve made to come into substantial compliance,” Tyler said.

ACCJC proposes new Restoration policy

City College could also apply for Restoration, a new proposed policy that, if qualified, would allow the college two years to comply with accreditation standards.

According to a June 11 ACCJC statement, If the college fails to meet all accreditation standards, the commission will terminate the college’s accreditation without an opportunity to appeal.

The U.S. Department of Education must verify the policy so that it meets federal regulations before CCSF can apply.

Gov. Jerry Brown signs SB 860

Despite a 16% dip in the 2013 enrollment, the college will not lose approximately $20 million in state funding due to the SB 860 budget trailer bill, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on June 20. The bill provides the college with stable funding through 2017.

California State Auditor’s report on ACCJC

The California State Auditor released a report June 26 stating inconsistencies in the accreditation process of California community colleges.

City College was given one year to “show cause” when the commission decided to terminate the college’s accreditation. Previously, the commission allowed more than 20 California community colleges from two to five years to reach compliance to avoid accreditation termination.

CSA also noted that the commission sanctioned schools more than four times the rate than do the other six regional accreditors and lacks transparency as they conduct deliberations inside closed doors.


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