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Another attack happens in Wellness Center

Students exit the Wellness Center at The City College of San Francisco Ocean Campus on Aug. 20, 2012. Photo by Beth LaBerge/SF Examiner

By Alex Lamp

The Guardsman

A City College student was robbed at knifepoint around 4 p.m. in the men’s restroom at the Wellness Center on May 8, making it the third incident inside the building since March.

The suspect stole the victim’s cell phone and cash.

Journalism student Ivan Huang said he was approached by a man who asked to use his phone. When Huang declined the request, the suspect pulled out a knife.

“He quickly pulled out his knife and cornered me. I was going to have to make a decision,” Huang wrote in an opinion for The Guardsman. “Risk physical harm toward myself by attempting to disarm this man, or give the man what he wants and report the incident afterward were my only options.”

He chose not to escalate the situation and handed over his phone and cash.

Huang said he complied with the suspect, who then told him to,  “stay in the bathroom for 20 seconds, and don’t you dare call the cops.”

A nearby stranger outside of the bathroom let Huang use their phone to call campus police, but by then the suspect was gone.

Police believe the suspect fled toward Ocean Avenue, and possibly toward the Balboa Park BART station.

None of the suspects in the previous two incidents have been apprehended, either.

Warnings are posted around the Wellness Center and both uniformed and undercover officers have been patrolling the area, as well as the entire campus, and will continue to do so through the rest of the semester, a police spokesperson said.

Campus police advise students using the wellness center to, “find a friend and always keep company. Be aware of your surroundings, hide your items. Unless you’re on the elliptical or other machines, keep your headphones off.”

City College police can be reached at 415-239-3200 and people should call 911 in the case of any emergency.

Sara Bloomberg contributed reporting to this story.

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