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Armed Robbery near campus; Police still searching for suspects

By Misha Steier

The Guardsman

Police are seeking two suspects following the armed robbery of a City College student. The victim was walking on the 200 block of Gennessee St., when the suspects approached him. One suspect pulled out a black semi-automatic pistol and demanded the victim give him everything he had. The victim, fearing for his life, handed over his cell phone, computer, wallet and keys. The suspects then fled north on Gennessee St. Both suspects are described as 6 foot tall, black males in their 20s, according to City College police.

This robbery was one of 11 reported within a half mile range of city college in the past month. According to Officer Rachel Hakes there are no plans to increase foot patrols as these incidents occured off of City College campus.

“Unfortunately, this can happen anywhere at any time.” Said Officer Hakes. “It’s important for students to remain aware.”

The investigation is currently being handled by SFPD. Anyone with any information should contact the Ingleside Investagative Unit at (415) 533 1201.


The Guardsman