AS Election Results In

Nine trustee candidates have stepped forward

By Liska Koenig

Industrial engineering major Diana Muñoz-Villanueva was re-elected as City College student trustee for 2008 – 2009, while political science major Joshua Nielsen was elected the new Associated Students President during elections for AS government on April 29 and 30.

Earning 431 of the 607 votes, Muñoz-Villanueva promised to advocate for more scholarships and tutoring in her next term. She knows that textbook prices burn into students’ financial resources and wants to reduce costs.

“I learned so much during this past year as a student trustee and feel I can really make a difference in the lives of students,” Muñoz-Villanueva said. “I spend about 25 to 30 hours per week in my role as a student trustee. Sometimes I’m at board meetings until 10 p.m. or longer.”

An item on Nielson’s agenda is the improvement of campus tours for new students.

“Students who are just getting started at City College need to know where to find their networks and communities. Tours should include places like the financial aid office, the Book loan program or where to find tutoring,” Nielsen said.

Nielsen would also like to see the building of student dorms after the parking area has been moved from the reservoir. This would be a way to find affordable housing for students just moving to San Francisco.
Candidate Chirag Dalibar lost, but has expressed interest in actively supporting Muñoz-Villanueva.

“There is enough work for two here and sometimes it makes sense to talk things over with somebody else,” he said. “We need to get together and do something, raise funds for student activities and form a true community.”

So far, the position of a second student trustee has not been approved.

“I encourage students to think about their choices and to ensure that their representation by a student trustee is not only helpful to them, but important for the college as a whole,” Associate Dean of Student Activities Skip Fotch said.