ASC senator appointed prior to regular elections

Kimberly Berger was elected to an open ASC senator seat.
Kimberly Berger was elected to an open ASC senator seat.

By Alex Weinschenker

After a debate for an open seat on the senate, Kimberly Berger was appointed to the City College’s Associated Student Council Jan. 29.

“I want to do something for the school and give back to the community,” Berger said  after the meeting.

Berger’s story is not typical. She recently returned to school having never finished high school. She has been clean and sober for six years with dreams of sharing her life experience to guide students toward a brighter future.

The major debate focus of the appointment revolved around the shrinking classes at City College and assisting those who are confused and falling steadily behind due to forces beyond their control.

“[I plan] to change the way shared governance represents the students and take it upon myself to see that students get involved in their school community,” Berger said of her plans as senator.

According to the ASC Web site, the ASC advocates for the student body on issues of campus safety, diversity, social and political awareness, improving access to higher education, and building a sexual harassment-free campus.

Other candidates in the senate race gave convincing speeches, touching on issues such as international student aid and increased funding for remedial classes. Marina Zubaneva, a student from Russia, Yoowie Jung, a sociology and psychology major, and Wenshan Ji, president of the Immigrant Club, all ran against Berger, campaigning on different platforms such as more art programs and human rights.

“I want to make the campus friendly for all students, whether they be disabled, new to school, international or have a low level of income,” said Ji.

Berger filling this senate seat was a precursor to the ASC elections taking place in few months.

Starting Feb. 12, applications will be available to students who are interested in running for student council positions. Positions range from president of the ASC, to the senators that comprise the backbone of the Ocean campus student council. Also up for election is the student seat on the Board of Trustees. The student trustee is the only position that oversees all City College campuses.

Candidate petitions are due to the administration by March 12 and the campaign kicks off on March 19. A town hall meeting will be held at the Wellness Center on April 1 with another meeting scheduled for April 20. The elections will be held on April 28 and 29.  The only two polling booths will be set up in the Creative Arts Plaza.

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