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August 26 News briefs

Burl Toler dies
University of San Francisco football legend, the NFL’s first African-American referee, City College alumnus and long-time employee Burl Toler died Aug. 16. The undefeated 1951 USF football team refused to leave Toler and Ollie Matson, the team’s two African-American players, behind in order to attend the Sun Bowl, so the team was not invited. The Sept. 9 issue of The Guardsman will include a complete obituary.

Gaylore Tyau dies
Gaylore Tyau passed away Aug. 5 at Coming Home Hospice in San Francisco. She worked for City College and San Francisco Unified School District for many years before retiring in 2005. A celebration for the long-time business math teacher was held by close family and friends Aug. 23.

Smoke-free campus
City College has announced that it will “work towards a smoke-free campus” beginning Sept. 1. Smoking will effectively be banned on all parts of Ocean campus with the exception of six designated smoking areas, identified with signage according to the City College Smoke-Free Wiki. “Failure to comply will be threatened in the same manner as other violations of the District Rules and Regulations and may result in progressive disciplinary actions,” reads the site’s implementation policy.
The full policy can be read at Policy

Gonzales honored

Publisher of the Mission District’s bilingual newspaper, El Tecolote, and City College Journalism Department Chair Juan Gonzales will be honored for KQED’s celebration of Latino Heritage Month. KQED, a media outlet for northern California, will also be honoring Leticia Hernandez of GirlSource and Saúl Hidalgo of the Jamestown Community Center. The celebration will take place Sept. 2 from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at 2601 Mariposa Street in San Francisco.

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