Bomb scare at Mission campus

By Brian Rinker

The Guardsman


A bomb scare caused the evacuation of the Mission campus on Tuesday night, Oct. 11. The scare led the Community College Police Department to cancel classes, shut down the 1100 block of Valencia Street and bring in the San Francisco Police Department Bomb Squad.

When an unidentified person called a bomb threat into the CCPD headquarters on the main campus at 6:30 pm, City College police began to search all campuses.

Two suspicious packages were found at the Mission campus. City College police contacted the San Francisco Police Department with a report of a credible bomb threat and the bomb squad was dispatched.

Clara Azulay, 31, was in French class on the second floor when a City College police officer entered at 8:20 pm. Azulay saw the teacher step outside. What she couldn’t know was that the officer was informing her teacher that everyone might need to evacuate. The teacher returned a moment later and acted as if nothing happened.

Twenty minutes later, at 8:45 pm, the same officer returned and told everyone to evacuate. An officer escorted Azulay’s class to the lobby. While in the elevator he broke the news of a possible bomb threat.

The entire campus was evacuated and the perimeter secured. Two hours later the bomb squad secured the packages, which turned out to be harmless. No other packages were found on any other campuses.

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The Guardsman