News Briefs

Fort Mason closure discussed

By Bethaney Lee

Michael Barba with the “Examiner” reported that Interim Chancellor Susan Lamb claimed to negotiate “hard” for City College at a meeting with the Fort Mason community but “emails obtained by the Examiner show administrators did not respond to the initial rent hike proposal from the Fort Mason Center for at least two months.”

The Board of Trustees will have to approve any recommendation of a Fort Mason closure by administration that Barba reported President Thea Selby having said, will not be voted on but discussed at a March 23, 2017 meeting.

Fort Mason is a two story building that nearly 400 students use for sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, drawing and painting.

In an email issued by AFT 2121 in regards to the March 23 meeting they said, “Loss of this campus would be detrimental to the arts programs and students. Many testified they are unable or unwilling to cross town to attend classes at the Mission or Ocean Campuses. At a moment when City College is open, and accredited and soon free, the District needs to envision enrollment growth, not further loss of facilities or students.”

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