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General Campus Tarot

By Adina Pernell


Adina Pernell is a reiki master, energy worker, crystal healer, massage therapist and student of the esoteric. Adina uses “The Druid Animal Oracle” tarot deck created by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, which features original illustrations by Bill Worthington.*


Working with animal energy is about tapping into the universal force of nature and all that Mother Earth creates in the animal kingdom. Chances are, you’ve used colloquialisms like “wise as an owl” or “sharp as a hawk”; using the archetypal energy of the animal world helps produce a clearer picture of possible life paths to take.


Overall Mood of the Campus – February 22-March 8

The Otter

Represents: Joy, Help, Playfulness

When the otter presents itself in a reading, it is a sure sign that you have been taking things in your life too seriously, or overworking yourself to the point of exhaustion. An ‘all-work-and-no-play’ approach to your life has prevailed for so long that you are forgetting all the things that could be a source of immense joy.  If you have been pushing yourself too hard in your work and academic pursuits, you may need to take a chill pill for a moment to re-evaluate if all this extra effort is getting you anywhere or if you are merely grinding your gears. Take a relaxing weekend, treat yourself to a laugh-out-loud comedy, or indulge in something you rarely get the chance to do but enjoy a lot. Please remember that life can be fun!


Daydream a little

The Hind

Represents: Subtlety, Gracefulness, Femininity

You might feel the need to look beyond the obvious daily grind and find a side of yourself that is more soft and dreamy. Meditation, spirituality or simply time spent in quiet contemplation could seem really attractive to you right now. There may be an urge to withdraw from the social scene and become a bit of an introvert. Getting a little lost in your own thoughts and imagination holds a lot of appeal right now. If you are feeling so inclined, go with that mood. From this mental exploration may come inspiration and a wealth of ideas that will fuel projects of self improvement or put extra creative energy into school assignments which could in turn elevate them from ordinary to extraordinary.



The Fox (Reversed)

Represents: Cunning, Diplomacy, Wildness

At this time of deep thoughts you might feel more vulnerable to being misunderstood or hurt. In fact unchecked you could become somewhat paranoid about your own or other’s intentions. Now might be the time for you to keep your own council and lie low for awhile. If any disagreements come up it might be best to agree to disagree than get entangled in a major conflict or argument. Take this time to live your own personal truth and be the example by showing rather than telling. Coming from such a strong place of self-awareness and confidence there will be no need to try and win or get the last word in. In dealing with teachers, colleagues and fellow students, tread carefully and be gentle as everyone’s emotions seem to be heightened right now.

The Guardsman