Career fair focuses on local opportunities

By Victor Verdugo

The Guardsman

Students interacted with local employers and learned about job opportunities during City College’s annual Career Information Fair held April 24 in the student cafeteria on Ocean campus.

The event was hosted by City College’s Career Development Counseling Department.

“Students get a chance to practice communication skills, networking, and interacting with employers while getting firsthand information,” City College Career Counselor Josephine Ubungen said.

Nearly 40 employers including Target, San Francisco International Airport, Walgreens, Old Navy and the San Francisco Police Department attended the fair.

The career fair allowed students to find potential jobs while attending school as well as network for future career opportunities after graduation.

City College student Shalisa Wolridge learned more information about a career with the Department of Rehabilitation. “Counseling for those going through rehabilitation really interests me,” Wolridge said.

Cynthia Dimapasoc, store manager of Walgreens on Ocean Avenue, attended the career fair hoping to find candidates for assistant manager and pharmacy technician positions. She already has several employees working at the Ocean Avenue store that attend City College.

Bay Area Community Resources AmeriCorps, a nonprofit organization that helps kids affected by drugs and gangs, found the Career Information Fair to be beneficial in finding people to help with their cause.

“For a nonprofit, the career fair is a good way to get exposure. People call back and apply right away after the fair,” Team Regional Supervisor Tommy Thach said.

Students were encouraged to “Dress for Success” and bring a resume to the career fair to create a connection with the employer in a professional sense.

A San Francisco International Airport representative asked Brendan Harris, a first year student at City College, for his contact information.

“You get great information from a different variety of companies,” Harris said.“They asked me what my schedule was like, and seemed interested in talking more with me.”

San Francisco International Airport Workforce Development Coordinator Olga Elizalde expressed positive thoughts toward City College students.

“They are clear on what they want, and come prepared,” Elizalde said. “Several City College students have been hired in the past, and pull through.”

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