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Former chancellor charged for misdirection of funds

Former City College chancellor and two current employees were charged today with the misallocation of public funds for a fundraising campaign and other unapproved expenditures.

Philip Day Jr. is being accused with eight felonies for diverting money into a campaign that promoted local bond measures and state initiatives, which would benefit City College. In addition City College administrator, Stephen Herman is being charged with seven felonies for helping Day and Vice Chancellor of Facilities, James Blomquist is being charged with one felony count for diverting a $10,000 lease payment from a motorcycle school into a bond measure campaign, said the Chronicle.

City College has not yet released an official statement about the charges to the public with key administrators being out of town on vacation including Dean of Marketing and Public Information Martha Lucey and Chancellor Dr. Don Q. Griffin.

“[We] are working on getting an official release, which should be available by this afternoon,” said Dean George Rush, executive assistant to the chancellor. “We owe it to our students to keep them informed about the situation.”

Please check back soon for more updates.

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