City College pays $60,000 to settle lawsuit over freedom of speech

By Greg Zeman

“The document speaks for itself,” is a phrase popular with the few City College officials willing to comment on the more than $60,000 settlement reached between the San Francisco Community College District and Jews for Jesus.

Jews for Jesus is a religion-affiliated organization founded in San Francisco, which was officially founded in 1973.

The lawsuit grew from the arrest of a Jews for Jesus employee by campus police for leafleting without a permit.

“They [Jews for Jesus] said it was unconstitutional and they were right,” said Board of Trustee President, Milton Marks III.

“We don’t do a lot of commenting. I think the judgment speaks for itself,” said Ronald Lee, City College legal counsel.

Skip Fotch, dean of student activities, said the document outlining the new policy was available to The Guardsman, but declined to comment “pending completion of the suit.”

The revised policy on outside organizations at City College eliminates permit approval requirements and expands the area where groups can solicit literature to include Ram Plaza, the Cloud Science Mall and the Wellness Center amphitheater.

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