City College Student Spotlight

City College Student Spotlight: Featuring works by Beth LaBerge and Matthew Ronan

Above, “Tail End of the Day” -24th St is “Our Street” project by Beth LaBerge

“Our Street” began as a project to capture the slow and constant changes of a neighborhood.  During my many travels up and down the Mission District’s 24th Street, I stopped and said hello to my neighbors and in doing so found a longing to connect the diverse communities that exist on the street.

This collection of photograph bears witness to 24th Street, and the people and places that make it unique.

“Weathered Body” by Matthew Ronan

Currently showing at 33 Gough, CCSF Administrative Building, until Feb. 10th.

These 4 mixed media photographs incorporate wood-burning, sculpture, found objects, and digital manipulation and are part of my “Weathered Body” series.  I’m drawn to driftwood, because I too have felt like a weathered scrap, tossed aside, over time and trial (like wind and wave to a derelict piece of wood) my rough corners are shaped smooth by a source much greater than myself.


City College Student Spotlight:

Are you an artist, writer, and a student? Trying to impress that cute guy or girl in class?  Submit your sketches, photography, songs, poetry, and recipes… any original pieces to entice your desired paramore. Two students will be featured per issue.

Submit your work to or drop of your submissions to Bungalow 615.




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