Letters to The Editor

Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor:

As a lifelong learner at CCSF since 1981, I loved the article “Back to School:  Senior citizens lose out under the strict repeatability regulations” by Sarah Lapidus that appeared in the Fall 2017 issue of Etc. Magazine.

How can we say that we are worried about increasing our enrollment figures at CCSF when, as a result of the non-repeatability rule, we have lost 1,200 students, aged 50 or older, from five years ago.

As Mayor Greg Fischer of Louisville, Kentucky said on PBS’s Charlie Rose show (Mayor’s Roundtable) on April 16, 2012:  “Some of the most satisfying conversations I have are when people say, ‘The world is new.  I have to learn something new every day to be relevant and competitive.  It has changed. So cities that are the lifelong learning cities are the cities that are going to win.'”

-Michael Zonta


Dear Editor:

I’m a student at CCSF and have grave concerns over the supposed Balboa Reservoir parking lot being developed into housing.

I vehemently oppose this proposed action because it won’t serve the students and faculty.

CCSF just gained back its accreditation and we have already seen a tremendous increase in enrollment. The traffic and parking issues has worsened since then and will definitely continue to worsen should the students be stripped of the precious parking availability. We need more parking — not less.

Furthermore, developing that land won’t benefit the neighborhoods, students or faculty. Adding 300 tenants to an already extremely dense and high-traffic area will leave many in the lurch. 

Has a study of the traffic issues and solutions to those issues been conducted? Where would the students/faculty/staff park should this land be taken away? 

Please consider our concerns with thought, care and compassion.

-Erica Calegari



The Guardsman