December 10 Police Blotter

Lunch Box thief
An unidentified person attempted to burglarize the safe at The Lunch Box restaurant on Nov. 30, campus police said. The owner of The Lunch Box reported the incident the next morning. Cameras inside captured the alleged the crime, but police were unable to identify the perpetrator from the recording. Nothing was taken from the safe and nothing was damaged, with the exception of the safe lock, which showed signs of tampering.

Science Hall seizure
Officers responded to a person having a seizure in Science hall on Nov. 3. The victim was reported to have become violent due to disorientation from the seizure. Police reassured him that he was all right. The victim was taken to San Francisco General Hospital.

Box Office break-in
During a night patrol, campus police noticed a door open at the Wellness Center and proceeded to investigate. The officer noticed someone had broken into the Box Office with a fire extinguisher and ransacked the office. Nothing appeared to be missing. Campus police said the fire extinguisher discharged when the person broke in, expelling its contents across the floor.

De Avila Firearm Arrest
Campus police responded to a dispute of a stolen cell phone between three female students at the De Avila campus on Nov. 20.  During the dispute, a male trying to help became involved. Upon arriving, officers called for additional units because the male he said he was carrying a loaded gun. The male was then charged with possession of a firearm on a school zone, carrying a concealed weapon and carrying a loaded firearm.

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