December 10 State Your Fashion

By Al Lin

Madeline McKenna
Eclectic fashionista

When asked about her style, Madeline McKenna laughs and dodges the question. That’s because the San Diego native’s fashion is a mixture of styles and cannot be described as one or the other.

Madeline’s outfit is complete with black flats, a black vintage wool jacket, which was a gift and skinny jeans, which are from H&M. Other then H&M, Madeline said she likes to shop at boutiques like Held Over on Haight Street.

Madeline admits she went through punk rocker phase in high school, which is evident by her side swept bangs that were inspired JenniferHermma of the now-disbanded Royal Trux.

But beyond the shaggy bangs and punk bands, Madeline also has a soft spot for dead socialites like Sharon Tate , who was a victim of the Manson family in 1969 and is the inspiration for her collection of 60s dresses.

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