Earth Day Brings Out The Sun




The Green Corps set up a juice maker powered by solar panels during Earth Day at the City College Ocean Campus on Apr. 19, 2012. SHANE MENEZ / THE GUARDSMAN


Kristine Nodalo

The Guardsman



The sun graced everyone with its presence during an Earth Day celebration held at Ram Plaza on April 19, which featured live music and fresh organic foods for an environmentally-passionate crowd.


Green Corps, a student club at Ocean campus, organized the event.


The club which currently has over 30 members has made it their mission to promote green sustainability, educate and raise awareness about the environment through strong student leadership and collaboration with other colleges.


The club began planning the event last fall, receiving much support from biological sciences instructor Peggy Lopipero-Langmo.


“They’ve been such a motivated group,” she said. “Sometimes, I feel like they don’t even need us.”


A couple of eco-friendly gimmicks were introduced to enthuse students, such as the bring-your-own-cup $1-off discount for beverages and free green gifts for the first 20 people who brought their bikes to the event.


The juicer and the sound system were powered with four solar panels, causing an excited stir within the crowd.


Over a dozen organizations participated in the event.


Club members said that they have conducted surveys about starting a farmers market for students at Ocean campus.


Green Corps president Dominik Zelichowski said he plans to meet with Associate Dean of Student Activities Samuel Santos,  Associated Students vending coordinator Ian Robinson  and Associated Students Environmental Economic Development Coordinator Sophie Park to discuss the management of a farmer’s market and ensure that it will stay in the hands of the the students.


Towards the end of the event, a poetry reading was held.


Diamond Dave began to chant, “Don’t panic, keep it organic,” and the crowd followed.


The Guardsman