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Enrollment diversity at City College is soaring

By Bethaney Lee


The enrollment at City College is becoming evermore diverse according to the latest data release by Co-Chair of the Enrollment Management Committee and Coordinator with the Retail Management Program, Carole K. Meagher.


As of the 2017 Spring semester City College has 17,116 students enrolled that identify as another race other than the 5,476 known White students who have enrolled, the data provided by Meagher adding that 373 students either declined to say or didn’t know.  


While Asian students held the majority of Meagher’s enrollment data at 6,866, Latino students stood in second at 5,775 or 25.1 percent of City College enrollment and African American students coming in fourth at 1,662 enrolled students.


In an email issued by the Department Chair of Latin American and Latino Studies, Edgar Luis Torres said in regards to Latino enrollment that, “the Spring 2017 percentages are in.  25.1 percent! We made it. Two consecutive semesters.”


During the spring of 2016 City College had 24.8 percent of Latino students enrolled but broke the 25 percent mark during the fall of 2017 and continues to hold its enrollment numbers in spring of 2017.


Meagher’s chart didn’t just express the numbers for Latino enrollment but also reflected growing enrollment for American Indian and Alaskan Native students, which 58 City College students identify as.   


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