February 11 Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor —

Ahmed Alkhaub, who was interviewed in the 1/16/09 issue of The Guardsman, certainly has a lot to be concerned about.

With Hamas, the current ruling organization in Gaza, shelling into Israel on a daily basis and bringing in weapons through tunnels, Israel had no choice but to respond. The position that Hammas takes is that Israel has no right to exist and it should be destroyed.

With the help of money from foreign hostile countries such as Iran, and others, Hamas is the instigator of the recent clash. Hamas uses its civilians as human shields by setting explosives in homes and structures of Gaza’s own civilian population. Most Palestinians are not terrorists but in the recent clash with Israel, Hamas has made the Palestinian people in Gaza victims of Hamas’s terrorist actions.

Certainly those who are demonstrating against Israel should look at the current actions of Hamas and educate themselves about both sides of what is really happening in that region.

— Lynn Levy, ESL Instructor


Dear Editor —

I would just like to say that CCSF has students who protested in support of Israel during the most recent conflict. Here is one way to end Israel’s retaliation: Have the Hamas stop firing rockets into Israel, which drew Israel back into Gaza after leaving in 2005.

— Jonathan Segev

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