Football players move on to 4-year programs

By Matthew Gomez
The Guardsman

Football players entering the Rams program have two things on their mind — the game, and what comes next.

2010 Rams quarterback Steele Jantz has his sights set on the NFL. But first, he needs to finish college.

Jantz transferred to Iowa State University this semester and plans to major in English, but his goal is to play professional football.

“School is school,” Jantz said. “But everything is football.”

Athletes must maintain a 2.0 GPA to be eligible to play. But to transfer to a Divisio 1 school like Iowa State, their grades need to be as good as their stats

“You can’t be great at one and lousy at the other,” assistant coach Andre Allan said. “Work ethic in anything you do is what separates you from the next person.”

That attitude is especially important when players are being scouted. They need to be able to handle whatever pressure is brought their way.

“The pool of talent is much larger every level you step up,” Allen said.
He said there is a huge difference between being the best player on a high school team versus a college team.

The eight-time national champion Rams also have a reputation to uphold. Head coach George Rush said scouts from across the nation come to City College to scout players.

“It’s added pressure because you know you’re being judged on your current performance,” Rush said. “Great competitors rise to the occasion.”

Sua Tuala, who will play for Idaho State, is another Ram who left his mark.

As a linebacker last season, he had 19 tackles for losses, which is a school record.

“He was definitely the most productive linebacker we’ve had here,” linebacker coach Anthony Feliciano said.

City College averages 15 Division 1 scholarships a year. Aaron Horne will be joining Jantz at Iowa Sate, and defensive back Allen Chapman will be playing for Kansas State.
Rush said  he is very proud of his sophomores.

“Our players are very credible players,” Rush said. “They’re well prepared to enter the world of Division 1 football.”


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