Graphic jokes serve as mirror to society

By Frank Ladra
The Guardsman

The Tinker Show is a live sketch comedy group that uses improv and short films to entertain audiences with an arsenal of jokes revolving around shock-inducing topics, like defecation and masturbation.

The Tinker Show is written and directed by Jason Tinker and produced by Kimberly Ashland. Other cast members include Sarah Longacre, Nico Bellamy, Elaine Gavin, Jennie Cardoso and former Guardsman editor Nick Palm.

The upcoming show, appropriately titled “Old School Maturity,” reflects the comedy troupe’s movement away from moral constraints, giving the members the ability to be a unique production within the Bay Area. And no joke is off limits.

Yet instead of the unconstrained humor meaning to be crude and offensive, the show is intended to make the audience laugh at themselves and society.

The Tinker Show is performing live July 7 and 8 at Stage Werx Theatre. Tickets are $18 to $20.
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